I think there’s something wrong with me

It’s cool I guess


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I haven’t moved on to anyone.. I haven’t kissed or touched anyone. And I have no reason to lie about that. If you want to doubt out future.. That’s fine. But it’s bullshit you’re assuming I’ve been doing some shit when I haven’t. I don’t want you to be miserable, I love you. With all my heart and you’re still the only one I think about.. You’re acting like this is easy for me and you know that’s not true. I’ve said a million times I still see our future, but if you don’t anymore and you want to act like I’m doing some shit right now then idk what to tell you. You can think I’ve moved on all you want, but I haven’t. There’s not a night I don’t dream about you. I don’t know what you’re talking about..

I’m trying to do what you do and make everyone think I’m happy. I have not forgotten anything. Just because I’m not surrounded by memories doesn’t mean I don’t remember. You’re still all I can think about.