Goodnight everybody ✌️

You took everything from me and left me with only shitty memories because of the way we left off. So fuck you.

And it’s not even about being happy for you or me wanting you to be miserable. I’m pissed off because after a year and a half you’re still playing games. You still deleted texts. You still lied to my fucking face.

Fuck around and fuck whoever. But stay the fuck away from me.

So please. Post more pictures of you with millions of girls just because you’re pissed off because I didn’t answer a text for 24 hours. Grow up.

So keep fucking shoving it in my face. You are absolutely pathetic and that is coming from a girl crying in her bed at 4:45 AM because someone like you crushed her goddamn heart.

So why don’t you go ahead and lie to everyone, me, and yourself. Because you don’t give a single fuck about anyone except for yourself. Because you’ve broken my goddamn heart more times than I can count and you continue to lie and lie and lie and I can not fucking stand it anymore.

So please stop wasting both of our time. Because who fucked all the shit up every fucking time huh? YOU. And who the fuck picked up all the pieces. ME.

And maybe I’m just a bitter bitch, but I would rather show who I am than create this false image of myself so people will like me.

You think you’re such a nice guy. It’s all just bullshit. All just an act so people don’t know who you really are. It’s kind of sad really.